Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry

Have I said how sick I am of these Irish breakfasts? I’ve never been much of an egg or cereal person, but between the dairy allergy and trying to avoid high sodium foods, there’s very little for me to eat each morning. The Irish don’t seem to have dairy substitutes in their hotels! So, I walked next door the the gas station’s little shop and bought some fresh blueberries, raspberries and a pastry. It was so much better!

After breakfast, we went on a jaunting ride through Killarney National Park. A jaunting ride is basically a covered carriage that can hold 8 people plus the driver and pulled by Irish Shire horses. The ride was bitter cold and I’m glad they supplied some blankets. Even still, my nose and cheeks felt frozen! The park was beautiful and is the home of Ross Castle. We also saw a sitka deer and got close enough to take some photos of it.

After the jaunting ride, we loaded on the bus and headed to the Ring of Kerry. Others really liked it, but I thought that the Dingle Peninsula was better for the scenic views. The ring is roughly 100 miles long.

We stopped for lunch at the Scariff Inn where I had my best meal while in Ireland! It was a fish soup (not chowder, so no dairy), a fresh salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, and homemade brown bread. They also had it down to a science in serving almost 50 people and getting them out the door before the next large group arrived! This stop was very worth it and offers great views.

Once we got back to our hotel, I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a couple of TV recordings on my Amazon Fire.

Later, I had dinner in the hotel bar and ate leg of lamb and a salad.

Others were venturing into town, but my knees hurt too much, so I watched more TV on my tablet before trying to sleep on the horrid mattress for a second night.

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