Ennis to Killarney

Ennis to Killarney

We left Ennis after breakfast and started our way to Killarney. The first stop was in Adare to see a castle and thatched houses.

Next, we stopped at the Ash Pub along our way. Hugh arranged for them to open early to let us get a snack before lunch, since it was be a late one. The people in the main room gobbled up all the cookies before anyone in our smaller rom could get some. So, I had some tea instead.

For the next several hours, we drove along the coast of the Dingle Peninsula. It was amazing! The views were so pretty and it was the highlight of my trip!

Our lunch stop was in Dingle and I ate with some others at Reel Fish & Chips. It was good, but way too much for me to eat!

After I ate, I popped into The Woolen Store to buy my husband a sweater. They had everything on sale, it seemed. I also bought something for my downstairs neighbor.

When we finished checking into the Killarney Court Hotel, I had a hot stone massage. The massage therapist was pregnant (very) and talked the whole time, so I couldn’t relax. It also wasn’t that great of a massage…nothing like the ones I get in Seattle.

After I stopped back in my room to talk to my roommate, I left to head to the hotel bar. As I exited the room, the door handle fell off.

Dinner that night was chicken, potatoes and vegetables since I couldn’t really eat anything else on the set menu.

I didn’t sleep that well that night since the mattress was horrible. I could feel the springs poking me and the middle dipped down enough to give me a back ache. I was awake many times because my knees were hurting me, too.

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