Killarney to Tramore

Killarney to Tramore

Once again I went to the gas station to get breakfast. They hadn’t put out pastries yet, so I bought more berries, some hummus, and bread sticks. It was quite filling!

Our first stop on our way to Dublin was in Blarney. My knees were really hurting, so I didn’t want to pay to walk a very long way to see Blarney Castle nor kiss the stone. Instead, I did some shopping and bought some gifts, then had a huge raspberry meringue and coffee in the cafe.

Once loaded on the bus, we headed to Waterford for a tour. I opted to go to our hotel with the bus driver (who would be unloading our bags) instead of doing the tour. I had no interest in Waterford crystal.

The Majestic Hotel was really nice! My room had a balcony and had a wonderful view of the bay. It also had colorful wallpaper and the decor was much better than the other hotels in which I had stayed.

I ate lunch at the hotel bar. It was supposed to be chicken, mushrooms and pasta with pesto, but when I got it, it was covered in a cream sauce. Ut oh….so much for avoiding dairy! The little parmesan in a pesto wouldn’t have hurt me, but this would….and it did, about two hours later. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the bathroom a lot!

We went to Dunmore East to Aggie Hayes Pub where I had the best cider to date! A local, Ritchie Roberts, sang for us while playing his guitar and sometimes a harmonica. I really enjoyed the evening, but it ran late, causing us to get back to the hotel and dinner very late. We didn’t eat until around 9:20pm!

The hotel was very accommodating with my food allergies. They brought me a chicken breast, which was overcooked, and fries with gravy over them (my comfort food). I gobbled up the fries, but only ate a bite of the chicken.

I hated going to bed on such a full stomach, so I watched a little TV before finally falling asleep around 11:30pm. Morning was going to come too soon!

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