Tramore to Dublin

Tramore to Dublin

We left Tramore and headed northeast to Dublin. One the way, we stopped in Avoca for a hand weaving tour. I bought some banana bread (to share) and had some coffee after the tour. I also bought a cardigan sweater for myself.

We got there in the early afternoon and checked into Jurys Inn. I ate lunch at the hotel and had a very good salad of greens, roasted peppers, and grilled shrimp (second best meal in Ireland). Afterward, I lounged around my room until we left for the Guinness Storehouse. We had a tour that put us in the Gravity Bar for a pint of the stout. I’m not much of a beer drinker, especially dark beers, but after getting a lesson on how to drink it properly and having some black currant added to it, I guzzled my beer after learning how good it can taste when done properly!

The tour ended with dinner at the storehouse. I couldn’t eat the entrees, so they made me a lamb burger. I was pretty full from drinking the beer, so I didn’t eat that much.

Back at the hotel, I repacked my luggage for an early morning departure.

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