Up early for breakfast, then ride to Rabat. Very nice, buildings in better shape, near Mediterranean. Chellah in ancient Roman ruins with around 50 stork nests. Very hot in high 80s, making walking uphill hard.

Next, a medina with blue and white houses. Beautiful! Lunch…fabulous restaurant with yummy tagines. I got a chicken tagine, but wish I would have gone with Grant’s recommendation of the meatballs.

After lunch, we drove to Mednez. Walk through Medina, but not as interesting as one in Rabat. Men stuffing mattresses with wool….no springs, so that explains the hard as rock beds.

Arrived to hotel in Fes. Very nice, but dogs barking all night, then roosters. Woke at 2am in sweat…sugar down to 46! Ate sweet protein bar then able to fall back asleep. Damn dogs!

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