The day started early as I headed to the airport 4am. Fastest loading of plane ever! 2hours of turbulence causing upset stomach. Also resulted in no food service. Very cranky in NY because hungry. Had to take tram to another terminal, then get new boarding pass, and go through security again. Free for all at gate after 4 hour layover…so many kids on flight to Casablanca! Left almost an hour late. Royal Maroc plane very old…no individual air control or TV screens. TV screens very small and 5 rows away. Only 2channels and no music. Screaming babies and kids on flight making it hard to sleep.

Dinner on plane was chicken breast with peppers and herbed potatoes, a potato salad that seemed to have yogurt instead of mayo, small green salad, a roll, cheese, and lemon cake. I was starving, so I practically inhaled the entree! Note…their Coke light tastes nothing like diet coke…couldn’t drink it.

Omg…went to back of plane to use bathroom. A whole section is roped off and used for storage! Plus, one toilet is broken and taped up like a crime scene. No soap in toilet to wash hands. The holder for the dispenser is there, but no soap.

Flt started out really hot, but then they cranked up AC and its freezing. I’m glad I brought a sweater! Very stuffy, though…my head hurts, my eyes burn, and my nose is getting stuffy.

Great, none of the call lights work. Need water but can’t get out since seat mate is sleeping. Managed to sleep for about an hour…still have a headache. I finally extract myself by straddling the woman next to me and go to the galley and ask for water. Male flight attendant doesn’t even look up from his puzzle as he shrugs and points over his shoulder to a bottle. Clearly, I’m to help myself. Next, bathroom since I’m already up. Still no soap and now there’s not even hand towels…barely any toilet paper left. Glad I packed some travel toilet paper in my purse! I might need it sooner than I think!

Managed go sleep about another 90 minutes. Would have slept longer, but they turned the cabin lights on and handed out breakfast of yogurt, a croissant, and a muffin. Also some weak coffee.

Plus side of plane…adequate leg room, they are super-fast dispensing food, and seat mate is nice enough. Noticed they don’t serve alcohol on this airline!

Getting through passport check and customs wasn’t too bad. But, I had to wait forever for my luggage to appear. The driver picking me up was right there and spotted me before I spotted him.

Ibis hotel took my bag in for me, but room wasn’t quite ready. Room ok…hope it cools off, though…AC running but feels like nothing happening.

Took a walk around block after shower. Then lunch of bowtie pasta with salmon, shrimp and mushrooms in a creamy garlicky sauce.

Took a 3 hour nap, then met the rest of tour group. Two others from Seattle. Cosmos booked their air so will have to ask why they couldn’t book mine.

Later in the evening, several of us walked to Rick’s Cafe, of the Casablanca movie fame, and had drinks.

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