8:15 am and bus heads out, first to King’s palace, then to viewpoint of the medina. Maneuvered souk in Medina with help of guide…I would never had tried it on my own! Chaotic, a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, smells, and sounds….so much to take in and I love it! Glad to have my cane! Stop to view carpets and drink water and mint tea. Afterwards, I was backing up while they rolled up carpets, and failed to notice ledge. I caught my heel and fell flat on my ass. How embarrassing! I brushed it off and cracked a joke about it. Bought leather purse after visiting tannery. Talk about stinky!! All in all, I really enjoyed Fez and wish we would be spending at least one more day here.

Back to hotel. Lunch at McDonalds and 2 hour nap. Bought caftan and silver earrings. Waiting to go to traditional dinner.

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