Lavender Festival & Hurricane Ridge

Lavender Festival & Hurricane Ridge

I led a group of Mountaineer photographers to Sequim to take photos of the Lavender festival. We just missed the targeted ferry and had to wait another hour before the next one. I think everyone was heading to the festival because I never saw the road to Sequim so packed with cars. Because it was wide-spread, we all got separated. I eventually drove to Hurricane Ridge to find a camping spot so I wouldn’t have to que in the ferry line to get back home.

At Hurricane Ridge, the meadows were dotted purple with mountain lupine were in full bloom. Deer were present as usual and allowed me to get quite close. It was strange seeing a fawn in the middle of a meadow with no mother nearby (never did see another deer around it).

I camped at Heart O’ The Hills about 1/4 the way up to Hurricane Ridge. The campground was in poor shape with felled trees everywhere. I managed to find one decent, shady spot directly across from the bathrooms (quite handy). I pitched my tent, then went to the top of the ridge.

Since I had gotten up so early, I was really tired and fell asleep around 8pm. I woke around 1am to use the bathroom and was a bit scared going the short distance since bears are common in the area. Luckily, I didn’t see any. I fell back asleep quickly and was having silly dreams…something about me being a descendant of Hera (Greek Goddess)….weird, but entertaining (I have the most entertaining dreams). Woke back up at 6:30, so I packed up the tent and headed out to find breakfast (I hadn’t taken any camp stuff other than a tent and sleeping bag). After a hearty breakfast, I drove to the ferry and only waited a minute before being loaded on it (talk about great timing!).

Once home, I curled up on the couch and fell back asleep for a few hours….yes, I sometimes lead a boring life.

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