Ride The Ducks Seattle

Ride The Ducks Seattle

Quirky site-seeing fun

I’ve lived in Seattle for almost 13 years and finally rode the duck this past summer. The driver of each duck usually wears some flamboyant hat or wig, claps a lot, tells jokes, and tries to get everyone to sing. I thought it was a bit cheesy, but tourists seemed to love the antics. Our driver sounded and looked like Peter Griffin of Family Guy.

I mainly went on one of the rides to get an idea of what the average tourist thinks of our city (it’s fun to site quietly and listen to comments). The ride was very bouncy when on the road. You can tell the duck is more suited for the water.

When we entered the water on Lake Union, a couple on one of the docked boats pulled out their super-soakers and started spraying everyone. You could tell this was a familiar game to them.

My only complaint was that it went to fast when driving on the roads…not enough time to really appreciate what the driver was describing. I know it’s because he couldn’t very well hold up traffic, but for the money I spent, I expected a lot more.


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