Island Jungle Resort

Island Jungle Resort

Great experience!

If you have a Nepali friend, have them make the reservation for you since they can often get a discounted price (my Nepali friend got me two nights for only $120 instead of $200).

I wasn’t prepared for the half mile hike (in high temperature) from the boat drop-off to the check-in area. I didn’t really mind it…just wasn’t prepared for it.

I got there late, but they held lunch for me and my group. Soon after, I had a chance to watch them bathe the elephants. Many of the other guests were in the river helping. Later that afternoon, I went on an elephant safari. Be forewarned…your butt will hurt for the first 30 minutes until you can find you “seat.” Also, be sure to wear your DEET to keep bug bites at a minimum.

The resort has a schedule of activities, starting with a wake-up at 5:45am. At 6am, there is a hike in the jungle, which really helps you work up an appetite.. Breakfast is served at 8am and is buffet style with all guests eating at the same time. Lunch is at 1pm and dinner is at 8pm. You have your choice of other scheduled activities throughout the day.

The cabins are very nice, each having a porch with chairs to relax. Electricity seems to be solar-powered and is only available between 6:30-9:30pm. There is also a bar with a covered seating area overlooking the river.

On the elephant safaris, one has the opportunity to see wild rhinos and possibly a tiger (I saw a total of three rhinos and a wild boar). I had the most fun getting in the river and helping to bathe the elephants. It was so hot, just being in the water was refreshing.

The resort is very accommodating, too. I was having knee pain, so walking to the village was out for me. The resort director arranged to have me taken there by boat. On the way back, I saw the most amazing sunset!

I recommend the resort to anyone who wants to ride a elephant (and bathe them) as well as those who need the extra nudge to do activities (like hikes). It’s a great place for families, too.


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