Back in Kathmandu

Back in Kathmandu

I ignore the wakeup call at 5:45 and sleep in until 8am. After breakfast, I’m paddled across the river and taken by bus to the airport an hour away. I’m to fly on Buddha Air back to Kathmandu. It’s my first experience flying on a developing country’s airline and I’m a bit nervous. The plane holds about 20 passengers and has no toilet (good thing I already went). The arms of most of the seats are covered in duct tape and my seat stays in a reclining position. So that I don’t dwell on what might happen, I doze until we land. Gopal is waiting at the airport to take me back to the guest house.

At the guest house, I have to get a new room since I gave up my other one when I left for Pokhara. This one even has a shower curtain in the bathroom… step up, in my opinion. The downside is that it’s on the side of building with the dog that barks at night. Oh well…not that I sleep solid anyway, given that the mattresses are only a couple of inches thick and the pillows are like flat rocks.

I decide to make it another early night since I have to get up early for a mountain flight tomorrow.

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