Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight

I get up early and am driven to the airport to catch another Buddha Air flight, this time to view the Himalayas and the almighty Everest peak. During the flight, I’m called up to the cockpit twice for a better view. The mountains are awe inspiring and I’m pleasantly surprised to get some decent pictures through the plane’s window.

Later, we pick up Arun, Parvati and Arun’s best friend, Aneesh (spelling?) to go to Bahkdapur. They have never been there even though it’s part of their city. There is a big celebration at Bahkdapur today…some sort of festival. They have built a huge cart on wheels that they will push around the dubar (plaza). They even built a smaller one for the kids to push. The military are everywhere in anticipation of violence due to the tomorrow’s historic elections. Instead of guns, they carry long sticks of bamboo.

Earle and Som need to visit a sick mother of one of the students, so they deposit me, Arun, Parvati and Aneesh at the office of a friend until they return. After watching the kids try and push the small cart, the boys grow bored. I find some paper and colored pens for them to draw. When they run out of paper, I teach them a new (American) game…Red Light, Green Light, which they really liked.

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