Is It Tuesday Already?

Is It Tuesday Already?

It seems kind of weird that this is only my second morning in Bangkok considering that I left Seattle on Saturday and it’s now Tuesday here. It’s 4:30 in the morning. Why am I up so early? Well, I fell into an exhausted sleep last night around 9:00…and I had to pee. That’s the problem of not having my diabetes meds…have to pee during the night. But I’m sure nobody wants to hear about my bodily functions…just threw it in there for comic relief.

I felt really bad about crashing so early last night when Mike called me shortly after I fell asleep to say he was dropping off some Metformin for me. I was too tired to tell him I’d be right down and had him leave it at the front desk. He’s such a sweet guy to go out of his way like that for me. I must send him a nice thank you gift when I return to Seattle.

Today’s plans…after I get dressed and go eat, of course…Floating markets, Bridge over the river Kwai, war museum, and possibly the tiger temple. Because of that possibility, I must take my bigger camera with me today instead of the pocket one.

Speaking of food, at dinner late night I had some tom yum koong and some baked seafood (which was in foil with spices). It was really, really good. I also drank coconut juice from two real coconuts. It’s a great alternative to water since most of the bottled water around here isn’t cold.

I think I’ll lay back down and try to get at least another hour’s sleep. I don’t want to fizzle out again today.

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