Floating Markets

Floating Markets

Today was a very long day! I was picked up around 7:30 a.m. and we headed to Damnoen Saduak to the original floating markets. The drive took about an hourĀ  (it’s roughly 68 miles from Bangkok). When we got to Damnoen Saduak, we were taken by boat to the markets. Along the way we saw monkeys and boys jumping into the water. I bought a print of a monk crossing a bridge in the fog (he’s the only color). The print is divided into three pieces. I also bought some fresh lechees. After we left the floating markets, we stopped at the Royal Thai Handicraft Village where I bought a silk tie for William, a silk scarf, two pashminas, a set of salad serving forks, a wooden stir-fry spoon, and two thimbles (for my sewing friends)…all for about $46! Things are so cheap here…I can get a two hour Thai massage for only around $14 (which I plan to do as soon as I finish blogging).

I met a woman (Selina) and her daughter (Heaven) on the van to the markets. We talked the whole ride there. I wrote down the TavBuddy URL and she’s going to check us out when she returns home to California.

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