Two Hikes at Franklin Falls

Two Hikes at Franklin Falls

I went to Franklin Falls twice this year. One was with Seattle Parks & Recreation and the other was with my daughter-in-law and grand-daughters.

Seattle Parks & Recreation

After being picked up at the Queen Anne Community Center, Sarah made a quick stop at the Belltown Community Center for another pickup before heading towards Snoqualmie Pass. We made quick time and even found parking, before the lot filled up.

The hike is supposed to be two miles with 360 feet elevation gain….easy peasy! The trail is well-maintained and very popular, so a week day hike is a better option than a weekend hike.

The weather was cool, so it was perfect conditions for hiking. I headed up the trail with another member of our group, while the rest waited to use the pit toilet (which had just been cleaned by the rangers…a big thank you, for that!).

I loved this trail, which goes through old growth forest. The only tricky part was the last few feet before reaching the falls. It was very narrow and steep over slick rocks. I was very glad to have my hiking poles with me!

We ate lunch at the falls, enjoying the view. I also love to watch people and loved seeing so many kids for the Y at the falls (nice to see kids enjoying nature, rather than on a smart phone). The only downside of being there while the Y group was there, was that the Y staff had their hands full watching the kids. As I was eating my sandwich, one kid, on the other side of the boulder from me, threw a rock, which hit me in the middle of my back. I was very fortunate it didn’t hit me in the head!

Going back up the steep, rocky area was easier than coming down. I made good time hiking back… in fact, I think I was the first one to make it back to the pit toilets.

On the ride back to Seattle, Sarah stopped at XXX in Issaquah so everyone could get ice cream (I opted for a lemonade since I’m allergic to dairy).

All in all, it was a great trip and I hope to do another hike with Sarah sometime soon (I loved that she didn’t rush us on the trail and she has such a great personality)!

2nd Hike

I think this might have been the second hike my daughter-in-law had been on, so I was thrilled to hike with her! Plus, I wanted to get my grand-daughters outside.

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