On My Way to Bangkok

On My Way to Bangkok

The flight was 12 hours to reach Incheon, South Korea. They had changed the flight route so it took longer than last year’s flight. I’ve decided that I prefer Korean Air over Asiana. Asiana isn’t as roomy as Korean Air’s planes. They also don’t feed you as often or as well. I was particularly annoyed when the flight attendant asked me if I wanted Bi Bim Bop or beef; when I asked for Bi Bim Bop, she says, ‘I’m sorry, but we only have the crew’s Bi Bim Bop left.’ So why the hell did you offer it to begin with? This was repeated with the other meals. The flight attendant would offer two choices, then say she only had the one left.

It was extremely hot on the plane, too. I was very uncomfortable and sweaty, plus my nose was so dried out that it kept bleeding every time I would blow my nose. I woke up at one point and couldn’t open my left eye because my contact had dried out so badly.

Asiana had changed other things along with their flight route, so I only had five minutes to get from my gate to one that had me going through a mini security check and ten gates away on a different level. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one with a tight connection, so Asiana did hold the flight for an additional half an hour. Of course, I didn’t find that out until I had rushed through the airport, getting winded and even more sweaty.

While I was in my mild panic mode, I met several others from Seattle, including a woman named Natalie (I took her photo in the plane). She was heading to Bangkok to attend a friend’s wedding.

The flight from Korea to Bangkok was another five hours. I was cold on this flight and my knees were really aching from lack of leg room. Plus my left heel was throbbing from the jaunt through the airport. I fell into an exhausted sleep since I had now been up about 26 hours. A flight attendant must have noticed I was cold and had put an additional blanket over my legs.

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