Commissioning Ceremony

Commissioning Ceremony

Today is Marcus’ commissioning ceremony. He’s been in the Navy for almost 14 years and is currently a Chief Petty Officer (non-commissioned). He will become a Chief Warrant Officer 2 (commissioned officer). It’s a really big deal…the first in our line of ancesters to be commissioned (everyone else has been non-commissioned).

We got over to his place around 9am for photos, then headed to the boat house at Pearl Harbor. We would be getting a private tour of the harbor courtesy of the Navy. Marcus was also going to to receive his commission on the Arizona Memorial. I have to admit to being very teary-eyed as we saw the various sunken ships, knowing that remains were still buried below water. Plus, it was such an honor for Marcus to recieve his commission where so many sailors met their death.

I was so proud of my boy…tears of joy in my eyes and cheeks hurting as I kept smiling so much. After the ceremony, several tourists came up to congratulate Marcus. My heart was bursting with pride!

When the tour was over, we had a celebratory lunch at Sammy Choys on base and near the water. The food was excellent and the view was even better! We didn’t wrap up until almost 3pm.

Back at the apartment, we took a short nap and hung out before going to dinner at Seafood Village.

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