I had arranged for an SUV to pick us up and take us to the airport. It was much more comfortable than taking a shuttle van.

We flew on Delta Airlines from Seattle to Honolulu on an old-ass plane that had us packed like sardines (see my review). I’m glad we’re not using them to fly home!

After collecting our luggage, we took a shuttle bus to the Alamo rental car place and picked up our car (a Chevy Cruze). Using my CoPilot app on my iPhone, I set the destination for our apartment at Waikiki and hit the highway. I was surprised to see that the speed limit ranged between 35mph – 45mph on a highway.

I rented a studio apartment through AirBnB. It was smallish in size, but we only planned to sleep there and make breakfast in the small kitchenette. At $70/night one block from Waikiki Beach, it was a bargain. One we were settle, we had lunch at the seafood truck beside the apartment tower (see review).

After lunch, we drove over to my son’s house near Pearl Harbor (he’s stationed there in the Navy). His dad was smoking meat all day and we had ribs and hotlink sausages for dinner.

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