Camping at Rasar State Park

Camping at Rasar State Park

I let the girls sleep until around 10:30am instead of making them go to the center for half a day. After they were fed, we finished loading up the car and headed north to Rasar State Park.

Rasar is one of the newest WA state parks, opening in 2005. Our site was pretty large, though the pad was hard with lots of roots, making it very hard to pound in the tent spikes. Once the camp was set up to our liking, we set out to explore. We found a trail that leaded to the river and was about a half mile long. At the end, there was a sandy beach where we hung out for an hour or so. I taught the girls how to make cairns from the rocks.

After we hiked back to camp, we started dinner. Tonight’s menu was chili cheese dogs and potato salad. When we were through eating, I walked to the bathroom and noticed a movie playing in the amphitheater. The movie was an old Disney nature film called Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar. I hadn’t see that move since the 60s when I was around eight years old! I thought it was very cool to show a movie at a state-run campground…one that was actually filmed in the north Cascades where we were located!

Following the movie, I introduced the girls to toasted marshmallows….or rather charred marshmallows. The girls liked them that way and it’s how I like them best.

Everyone was tired, so we turned in around 10:30pm. There was cloud cover, so we missed out seeing the northern lights that were forecasted, but the cloud cover also kept the temperature warmer during the night.

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