2nd Annual Mount Baker Weekend

2nd Annual Mount Baker Weekend

Since last year was so successful, the photography and naturalists committees of the Mountaineers held another Mount Baker Weekend. And, like last year, rain really put a damper on our activities.

Friday night was partly decent for sunrise pictures at Artist Point, but because of the full moon, it was too bright for any Milky Way shots. I was wowing everyone with the capabilities of my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone…it was taking better photos than many of the traditional cameras!

Saturday was a pretty wet day, but we were still able to get in a short hike around Bagley Creek. Many of the wildflowers were just starting to bloom…way behind last year (our summer has been much cooler this year).

As I did last year, I flew my oldest son, Carl, up from Texas so he could participate again. I also took along my mother-in-law (who hung out at the lodge, reading and drinking wine).

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