Yellowstone Road Trip – Day 6

Yellowstone Road Trip – Day 6

One of the things I really wanted to do on this trip was to see the Grand Teton mountains and photograph them from Mormon Row. So, after a quick breakfast, we were off and heading south towards Moose, WY.

I was surprised by the amount of road work that was going on throughout both parks…made it take even longer to reach destinations (in conjunction with low speeds varying between 25 and 45 mph).

The Grand Teton mountains are breathtaking! My favorite, though, is the photos I took of them behind the old abandoned barn/buildings on Mormon Row (off of Antelope Flats Road). While there, I noticed a half dozen marmets scurrying from hole to hole, stopping to nibble on flowers. There was also a herd of bison behind the buildings, off in a distance.

Dinner tonigh was another freeze-dried meal. Out of all the freeze-dried meals I purchased from REI, the AlpineAir brand was the worst for taste. Not only was the meal very watery (you pretty much have to strain it), but it lacked any taste. I had to load it with salt, pepper and tomatoes in order to to give it any flavor! In fact, I finally dumped it in the vegetable soup that I made (with veggies I dehydrated myself).

Early to bed again at 9:30pm.

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