Yellowstone Road Trip – Day 4

Yellowstone Road Trip – Day 4

I slept poorly due to the 15 trains and harsh whistles all night long. Beavertail Hill State Park sites right beside a train track.

On the drive to Madison Arm, we crossed the Continental Divide (for the first time).

After another quick breakfast (cereal for Ryan and protein shake for me), we were off to Madison Arm Resort. On the way there, I picked up some bread, mustard, and ham to make sandwiches for lunch (along with chips).

I wasn’t counting on the 5 1/2 miles of dirt road to get to the resort. Not only was my car filthy from it, but when other vehicles passed, we would have to roll up the windows quickly to avoid all the dust. The resort itself wasn’t quite as nice as the website led me to believe, but it wasn’t bad…I just wish there were more trees (for shade) and less dirt/dust (that played havoc with my nose).

After setting up camp and eating lunch, we drove into town and went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.

I did laundry while Ryan took a swim in the lake, since the resort had a laundry room with coin machines. The laundry room was small, but sufficient. After laundry, shower time…and boy did it really feel good after being so hot and sweaty!

Dinner was a freeze-dried meal of Chicken Vindaloo. Ryan never ate Indian food before and he seemed to like it.

We struck up a conversation with our camp neighbors. On the right was a main and his teen son who were from Denmark, lived in Georgia, moved back to Denmark, and now lived in Minnesota. On the left was an older, retired couple (the man was 78) and had a small RV anda dog. He used to be a history teacher.

The sunset over the lake was beautiful, helped by clouds in the sky (which reflected the light).

We were alseep by around 10pm.

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