Yellowstone Road Trip – Day 1

Yellowstone Road Trip – Day 1

We left the house around 10:30am, anxious to get on the road. Around 1pm, we stopped in Rosyln and had lunch at The Brick. This little town (and restaurant) was made famous from an old TV show called Northern Exposure. The mural of the camel was shown at the opening of each episode with a moose walking in front of it. The Brick was the bar where the locals hung out.

Since we’re doing short hops, we arrived at Wanapum State Park around 2:15pm and quickly set up the tent. Afterward, we changed into our bathing suits and went swimming in the Columbia River. The water was super cold! I didn’t stay in long, content to sit on the beach in the shade and watch Ryan swim. A little guy named Isaac, who couldn’t have been more than three, started talking up a storm to me. He showed me his sandy belly and said “Have a dirty belly button.” Too cute!

Next, we took a short, 3/4 mile hike at Ginko Petrified Forest. Man, was it ever hot! We also had to be on the lookout for rattle snakes (eek!).

After hiking, we drove to the Wild Horse Monument and took pictures of the gorgeous view of the Columbia River and the gorge. Now it’s time for dinner and we’re going to try the freeze-dried foods for the first time. Tonight’s menu is chicken and noodles, plus corn kernels.

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