Winter Holiday in Leavenworth

Winter Holiday in Leavenworth

December 26, 2005

It took about four hours to get to the cabin since the roads were a bit slippery with snow coming over the Cascade mountains. Our group consisted of me, my husband, my in-laws, my mother-in-law’s boss and his daughter.

There was cut, stacked wood on the front porch and the inside of the cabin was still decorated for the holidays. Entering the foyer, there was a large bathroom with shower on the right. Straight ahead was one bedroom. To the left was a hallway leading to the kitchen/dining area and the living room with a wood burning stove. There was a loft upstairs with several beds. A futon, pool table & TV were downstairs in the basement. On the covered back porch was a hot tub.  We spent a quiet evening before heading to bed.

December 27, 2005

It was snowing the next day, so several of us went outside to build snowmen. In my case, I built a snow “lady” complete with red lips and boobs. My mother-in-law was inside making cookies and I had taken some of her red food coloring with me. I upset her when I put a knife in my snow lady and used the food coloring to look like blood. Everyone else thought it was funny, but Wanda was practically crying. Oh well…some people are too sensitive. I removed the knife and patted snow over the red parts.

We spent the day relaxing, eating, putting together puzzles, playing ping pong, and reading.

December 28, 2005

Later that evening, my husband and I got in the hot tub outside. It was really cold until you got down in the water. And it was so beautiful sitting outside in the dark, in a hot tub, with snow falling. That is, until my in-laws decided they wanted in the hot tub, but hadn’t brought bathing suits along. The idea of perhaps seeing them naked was too much for us, so we high-tailed it back into the house.

December 29, 2005

Mike and his daughter left today and our friends, Nathan and Cindy, arrived in the evening. Both Cindy and my father-in-law are excellent cooks and it was great not having to worry about cooking since they both pretty much took over preparing the meals.

More relaxing, eating, and sitting in the hot-tub.

December 30, 2005

Today we went on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. It was beautiful with the snow falling down around us. While we were waiting to leave on the ride, a snow-ball battle ensued. There was no clear winner, but I think Nathan got the worst of it.

At the mid-way point of our sleigh ride, we stopped at a barn where the horses rested while we drank hot chocolate and hot spiced cider. Then it was back on the sleigh to head back to the starting point.

We passed a group of snow-mobiles…must do that next time.

December 31, 2005

After a hearty breakfast, we packed up our belongs and headed back to Seattle. It was a wonderful trip and I highly recommend renting the Solbakken if you ever want to play in the snow and get away from it all.

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