Washington State Fair

Washington State Fair

Doing The Puyallup

The Washington State Fair is held the entire month of September each year. It used to be called the Puyallup State Fair (since it’s held in Puyallup) and there used to be a song that included the line, “Do the Puyallup,” with farm animals dancing and singing.

This year, I convinced William to join me, March and the girls for a fun family day.
We parked at the Tacoma Mall and took the shuttle bus to the fairgrounds. This was a cheaper option than paying for parking (and kept us out of traffic).

The weather wasn’t perfect, but at least it didn’t rain that much on us….it was mostly just spitting every once in a while.

One of the first things we did when we arrived is get some lunch. I opted for a gyro while William and Marcus went off to find other options.

Photography Exhibit

After lunch, we all went to the photography and art exhibits and voted for our favorites. I had one photograph that made it through the judges round of the competition. Now, it was on display for the people’s choice awards.

Marcus had bought ride tickets for the girls, so he went off in one direction and William and I went in another.

At one point, we split up, so I decided to sit a bit and watch the working horses demonstration. I loved seeing the percherons!

We all met back up later in the afternoon and explored some more areas of the fair. William bought the girls some silly hats, which they just loved!

Towards evening, we left the fair and headed out to get something to eat at Denny’s.

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