Tulips in Skagit County

Tulips in Skagit County

On Tuesday, I went with Seattle Parks & Recreation’s Lifelong Learning group to the Mount Vernon & La Conner area to visit the tulip fields. Specifically, we went to Roosengaarde.

Every time I hear or say Roosengaarde, the Lord of the Rings spoof of them singing, “We’re going to Isengard” pops in my head. So, I felt like a Hobbit frolicking in the tulips.

The weather looked to be a challenge that day…stormy-looking clouds with a high chance of rain throughout the day. We got lucky and didn’t get any rain until we were heading home, but it was quite blustery and cold. Enough so, that for most of the time, I couldn’t see for hair in my face, and I got an earache from the wind.

When I finally had enough of the hair blowing, I headed inside to the gift shop in search of a scarf. I didn’t want yet another hat. The only scarf I found was some that were hand-dipped in color, making each one unique. It was pricey at $50, but I figured I was helping to support an artist and it would do the job of taming my hair and protecting my ears. It wasn’t until the van ride home that I really looked at it. The material was nothing more than cheesecloth! Hell, cheesecloth is cheap and dyes aren’t that expensive. The price really hit me when we stopped at Snow Goose Produce for ice cream and I saw really nice pashminas and silk scarves for a little over half what I paid for the cheesecloth one!

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house on a week day. Plus, the tulip fields weren’t as busy as they are on the weekends. All in all, it was a nice day. And, I even got an hour nap on the ride back to Seattle!

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