Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple

After shopping, we headed to Kanchanaburi to the Tiger Temple where Buddhist priests care for tigers and other animals. We switched up vans and it was just me and a couple from Australia (Tom and Kendra). Everyone I’ve met so far is really nice and it’s fun to meet new people. I got my picture taken while petting the tigers, which was pretty cool. We were there close to closing time, so we also got to see them feed the younger tigers bottles of milk. A truck loaded with squash drove through and dumped all the squash on the road. Then the bulls and cows were turned loose to eat them. There were bovines everywhere!Next, we went to the JEATH Museum which is named after soldiers from Japan, England, Australia, Thailand and Holland. The museum recreates the huts used to jail prisoners of war during WWII. Inside, pictures of the soldiers, bunks, and personal affects bring to life a sobering picture of the prisoners’ daily living conditions.I didn’t get back to my hotel until 8:30 p.m. I ate a quick dinner and headed back to my room with thoughts of that Thai massage.

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