Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit

The show at Siam Niramit was spectacular in its scope, special effects, and portrayal of Thai culture. The show is kind of a blend between Las Vegas show and opera. The opening scene has an elephant going across the stage carrying the ancient king. Children are also playing and chasing real goats. In a later act, the elephant carries people as it moves through the main aisle of the audience. The effect I like most as when a sculpture in the wall magically turns real and dances before turning back to stone. The portrayal of the fiery hell was also well done and really gave one a sense of the torment imposed there.

My only complaint is that the company had the driver pick me up very early, so I had to eat at the buffet, wander and sit to kill a couple of hours before the show actually started. About 30 minutes before the show started, perfomers came outside and did some dances. My favorite was the ones dressed like colorful roosters that “fought” each other through dance while other performers encouraged them and made bets. It was very well done!

I recommend this show to those that want to get a sense of the Thai culture & beliefs as well as those that like a good show. The price was reasonable, too.

When we returned from Siam Niramit, the streets were heavy with traffic. Many teens were riding through the street and throwing water and flour on others. Some were just dancing along the road. It was fun to watch them enjoy their celebration.

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