Me and four friends drove to Seville, Spain for an overnight trip from Elvas. I had secured an apartment on AirBnB that was close to all the tourist stuff.

The ceilings of the apartment were low, so even I felt like a hobbit. Plus, the door would only stay shut if it was locked. Having only one key meant that if we weren’t together as a group, someone was locked inside if they stayed in (like me, wanting an early evening). This may not seem like a big deal, but with bars on the windows, there wouldn’t be any escape if a fire broke out! I tried not to think about it.

I loved the old architecture of Seville. But, even though it wasn’t quite tourist season, the lines were super long. So, I opted for a carriage ride that went by all the major attractions. This was much more enjoyable (and cooler) than a lot of walking.

Oh, I should mention that I was by myself at this point. My friends probably thought I was a lunatic bitch the way I was acting, but I HATE sitting around and wasting time when I had so much I wanted to see with very little time. It reaffirmed my opinion that I preferred traveling by myself.

I also forgot to mention…after we arrived in Seville, we noticed we had a flat tire. The rental company wanted us to replace it with the spare (the donut type) and drive to the airport to swap out the car, which would have wasted most of our day in Seville! Instead, a man at the gas station talked to a repair shop next door. We had the flat repaired as good as new within an hour and only €20!

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