We got up at 5:30 to drive to Sarankot to watch the sunrise come up over Fish Tail and the Annapurna mountains of the Himalaya range. I got luck…usually this time of year it is hard to see the mountains in the morning due to mist, but it was a very clear day. At the point where the sun made its appearance over the mountains, I happened to turn around to see Hindus praying to the sun and snapped their picture…probably the best photo I took on the whole trip.

After breakfast, Earle and the gang went to visit another school. I opted to walk around the lake and relax a bit. While I was reading in the lakeside restaurant of the hotel, I saw some holy men walk by the lake and took their picture. They saw me and motioned for me to come outside the hotel grounds. I got a real surprise when they set up and started to play music for three cobras to dance to! They kept trying to get me to come closer, but I wasn’t having it. Instead, I sat a couple feet away and they placed a boa constrictor across my shoulders.

When the gang returned from the school, we rented a barge-like paddle boat and paddled to the other end of Lake Phewa and had lunch at the Fish Tail Lodge. It was a great day to paddle around the lake. It was early evening by the time we got back and I opted for a massage before dinner.

I have never had such an intense massage before! The Nepali girl climbed up on the table and straddled me as she worked the heck out of my back and butt. She really gave me a work over and I had to tell her several times to be easier on my extremities.

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