One and Only Palmilla

One and Only Palmilla

Excellent staff…feeling of comfort

I’ve stayed at the Palmilla twice…one on my honeymoon and again a year later with friends. It’s probably the most luxurious place I’ve ever stayed. Our room looked out over the beach (and we got the same room the second time). The food was excellent. The chef even prepared a special meal of tuna with the fish we caught.

I had a facial and massage in my room and felt so relaxed…like butter!

While on my honeymoon, I got food poisoning from the Shrimp Factory. I didn’t know it at the time, but I thought I just had travel sickness and took Immodium…big mistake! It kept my body from flushing out the toxins, so I was really sick. My husband and a taxi driver carried me from the taxi back to my hotel room since I kept passing out (I was also shaking so much from the fever that I felt like I was convulsing). The Palmilla staff contacted a doctor and got him to come to my room. They also posted staff outside my door in case I needed anything after the doctor left. They delivered clear broth and crackers. In the morning, I was feeling much better (the doctor had given me a shot and medicine). As we walked to the dining room, even the garden staff stopped me to ask how I was feeling. I felt like everyone really cared and I so appreciated the extra attention.

So, I have no problem spending the extra money to stay at the Palmilla…it’s well worth it!

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