Olympic Game Farm & Hurricane Ridge

Olympic Game Farm & Hurricane Ridge

We got up at 6:30am to start our trip to the Olympic Peninsula. I didn’t sleep well, so I was really dragging for half the day.

We caught the 7:50 ferry to Kingston then drove to Sequim where we were going to the Olympic Animal Farm. We arrived around 11am and bought bread along with our entrance tickets. The farm is a drive-through type and the animals come right up to the car in hopes of getting some bread to eat. We started at the section that contained bison (or more commonly known as buffalo) and deer. It was really funny to see the girls squeal when the big bison would stick his head through the car window. They drool and their breath is terrible!

After we left the game farm, we drove towards Port Angeles and up to Hurricane Ridge. Hurricane Ridge is one of my favorite spots on the peninsula. There is a large meadow at the top where deer graze, plus the view is breath-taking. The temperature was rather hot, which was a surprise, given that there was still a lot of snow on the ground with some trails closed. It’s usually pretty chilly up there. It was also very crowded. I have never seen so many people up there at one time before. The culprit was a bike race event that was going on with the racers having to check in at the time after riding their bikes up the very long and steep climb.

When we left, we were amused to see Big Foot and Elvis along the side of the road. Peggy had her photo taken with Big Foot. Elvis was on the other side with a squeaky toy and we didn’t want to cross because there wasn’t much shoulder on that side. I didn’t want to risk the girl’s safety.

As we were heading back to Kingston to catch the ferry, a marque announced that the wait was two hours. I decided we would be better off heading to Bremerton for that ferry, so I turned onto Hwy. 101. I had gone about 30 miles when I realize my huge mistake. I should have crossed the Hood Canal before making the turn south! Now I had to decide, do I turn around or press on. I pressed on, driving the whole way to Belfair before heading north again to Bremerton. We had dinner in Belfair since it was getting late. It was a teriyaki/Chinese food place and the girls were amused by the incorrect Chinese symbols at a Japanese establishment. I probably put at least an extra 100 miles on our trip. Luckily, the wait in Bremerton was only about 15 minutes.

We finally got home, then fell into an exhausted sleep. I got up around 9am, but the girls slept until around 11:30am. I think the jet lag was also catching up with them.

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