North Shore

North Shore

William got up at 2:30 for a 3:05am pickup by a shuttle to take him to the airport. He was going to fly to Maui and come back tomorrow evening. He has a friend there he wanted to visit.

I drove me and daddy over to Marcus’ by 8am. We picked them up and the grandbaby to drove to the Northshore in search for sea turtles. We were going to go to Bellows Beach, but never made it (they had to be back early to go to a teacher’s meeting).

We first went to the Turtle Bay Resort. It looked lovely and it must be nice to be able to afford staying at a place like that! We didn’t see any turtles, but did see some surfers catching some moderate waves.

We then drove to Laniakea Beach. No turtles were on the beach, but we did see one swimming close to shore. Daddy slipped and fell on the rocks and didn’t bother to tell me until later that night. I’m so glad he didn’t really hurt himself!

For lunch, we drove into Haleiwa and ate at Teddy’s Burgers. Afterward, we stopped at the Dole Plantation so I could ship some pineapples to my mom. While there, I got a 50% off coupon for an oyster pearl. I had to pick one from a basket of oysters and would get whatever pearl was inside. It could be white, pink or black. I had my grand-daughter, Avenleigh, pick one for me and another for her mom. We both got black pearls. Mine was more purple than black and really lovely, so I had it mounted on a 14k white gold ring. The sales associate gifted me another oyster and I got to pick between three of them. I selected the ugliest one. Damn if I didn’t pick an oyster that had two black pearls in it! So, I had them mounted in earrings. The associate gifted me another oyster and lo and behold, another double (black pearls)! I gave them to my daughter-in-law so she now has three to do something with. I sure felt lucky!

When we got back and while Tiffany and Marcus went to the teachers meeting, I took Amiyah and Avenleigh to the swimming pool. The water was too deep for Avenleigh, so we didn’t stay very long.

Daddy and I had dinner from Popeye’s.

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