Nisqually Vista Trail

Nisqually Vista Trail

I was to lead a hike the following day, so after I pitched my tent at the campground, I headed up to Paradise to hike a shorter trail. I opted for the Nisqually Vista Trail since it was only slightly over a mile round trip. Since I didn’t park at the trailhead, but near the visitor center, I took the Avalanche Lily trail to the Deadhorse Creek trail, before connecting with the Nisqually Vista trail. This added another quarter mile or so.

Since it was late in the season and we had had over 55 days without rain, I was surprised to see so many wildflowers still in bloom. I also got to see some flowers new to me, just starting to bud.

This was a great trail for a short evening hike and I was glad I did it since it was going to be closed the following day for trail maintenance (I had to cross some areas that looked like they were being worked on). It definitely had some areas that needed attention.

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