Nepal Bound

Nepal Bound

The flight from Seattle to Seoul took 11 hours. Korean Air is an excellent airline – roomy seats, great attendants and I was well fed. My layover in Korea was almost three hours, then on to Bangkok (that flight took five hours). I got to the Bangkok airport around midnight and went through customs since I was staying at the airport hotel. It was pretty easy. My next obstacle was the hordes of taxi drivers, all vying for my attention. I knew exactly where I was headed and ignored them as I proceeded to the exit for the hotel transport. The hotel (and airport) is brand new and really lovely. My room has two double beds and a huge bathroom that has a soaking tub and a separate shower. Just taking a shower made me feel human again. It was shortly after 1am (on Tuesday) when I turned out the light. I was surprised that it took a while to fall asleep…must have been because of the short bursts of sleep I got on the plane. I had a wake-up call for 6am, but was wide awake by five. So, I soaked in the tub and ordered a traditional Japanese breakfast of miso soup, rice, grilled salmon, seaweed salad, omelet, pickles & a huge plate of fruit – too much for me to eat!

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