MV Uchuck

MV Uchuck

Ride a real working vessel

Ever want to ride on a work vessel? Now you can! The MV Uchuck is a real working ship that goes around Vancouver island making deliveries and pickups. For a fee, they will take you along for the ride where you will see some breath-taking scenery. Some areas look like man has never set foot there, it’s that pristine.

I did a day trip and got dropped off at Friendly Cove for an a couple of hours to hike. There are other trips you can also choose from. Many kayakers will ride the Uchuck to the other end of the island, where they get off and paddle around and camp until the Uchuck comes back for them the next day or so.

During your trip, you will also be fed lunch, which is usually soup, salmon sandwiches and cookies…plus lots of coffee.

Dress warmly…even on nice days, it’s quite breezy on the ship. Also, when planning your trip, be sure to buy your ferry pass beforehand to save the long wait in line. We made the mistake of going on a Canadian holiday weekend and didn’t buy a pass ahead of time. We waited five hours to get on a ferry!


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