Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls

Left the lodge and hiked to the viewpoint at Marymere Falls. Gorgeous forest of huge cedars, covered in mosses (it is a rain forest, afterall).

A few Mountaineer photographers were with me on the hike. The trail was fairly level until we reach the area near the bottom of the falls. The trail then climbed to the top of the falls, with many steps to get there. I swear, whoever puts in steps on most of the trails in WA must be a man that is super tall….the steps are very high and really hard when you are short with short legs!

There are two main view points to see the falls and it wasn’t very crowded on a Sunday morning. I was annoyed with one guy who showed up while we were taking photos…he was smoking and threw his burning cigarette on the ground. When I said something, he said he wasn’t done with it. I think smoking should be banned in our national forests!

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