I was really looking forward to visitng Marrakech and the Jamaa el Fna, but was so disappointed. There was so much to see (hear and smell), but if I stopped for even a second, I was bothered by vendors/performers for money.

To walk from the street to the square along the row of horse/buggy rides, hold your nose…never been around such stinky horses before (not manure smell, but urine). At least when I was at the smelly tannery in Fes, they gave mint sprigs to hold to our nose and mask the smell.

A Charlie Chaplin movie was playing on a huge screen for all to see (and since it’s silent, no language barrier).

I really wanted to stop and listen/watch the banjo man with the chicken (he often has it on his head), but immediately got hounded for money. I also had to dodge the henna ladies….they will try and grab your hand and one a tiny bit of henna is on there, they will demand money.

The harassment combined with the heat (42° C) made me just want to go back to the hotel….which I did (and got a fabulous haman spa package).

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