Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

I left the cruise ship at 7:15 this morning, after being up since 5am. When I went to collect my bag before going on my tour to the Kennedy Space Center, I couldn’t find it. It seems that Royal Caribbean gave me the wrong color luggage tag, so it wasn’t unloaded in time for my tour. So, once found, they will ship it by UPS to my home. I sure home my Mayan rum makes it!

After my tour, I met up with my aunt at the Melbourne airport after shelling out $125 to go about 40 miles….geesh…and I though Seattle prices were bad! Heck, that was half what I paid for a round-trip air fare from Seattle to Melbourne!

Karyn’s flight was delayed, so we ended up on the same flight to Atlanta. We had several hours to kill, so we ate dinner at Chilis before we went our separate ways.

I finally got to bed around 2am, but given that the time difference was three hours from where I started, I had been up 22 hours straight. Now I need a vacation to recuperate!

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