Foster Island & Duck Island

Foster Island & Duck Island

Since I was babysitting my grand-daughters, I decided to get them outside for some fresh air and exercise, dragging along my nephew in the process. We drove to the Washington Park Arboretum, parked, and headed on the trail to Foster Island.

It was a cold, foggy morning as we walked along the trail, stopping to observe birds and water fowl along the way. There was even a little frozen water around the edges of the water and over puddles on the trail.

From Foster Island, the trail that leads to Duck Island is mainly boardwalks that cross the water of Lake Washington (to the southeast of the University of Washington). It was eerie seeing silhouettes of boats as they moved across the water in the fog. There were several flocks of Canada geese present, plus we saw four river otters searching for food (I didn’t know we had them in town).

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