Elvas, Portugal, is about 10 miles from the border of Spain. It’s a small town, but has some significant fortifications and the Amoreira Aqueduct.

We set out to try and get good pictures of the aqueduct and ended up (by accident) parked at a cemetery. Two of my goth friends squealed with joy at this accidental find!

Later, we tried to get to find the Forte Santa Luzia, but Google Maps led us down a narrow road with no way to make a left or right turn in our van (without scraping the paint off). We had to back up past three parked cars with only inches on each side. Then, to go down a street that led back to open roads, a car was parked so we couldn’t pass. A local took pity and ran to get the owner, who moved his car and allowed us to pass.

We gave up on that fort and went to the Fort of Graça instead!

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