Eccleston Square Hotel London

Eccleston Square Hotel London

Great Location!

This hotel is situated right on the border between Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. It’s also right across the street from the Tube, so it’s very convenient to get around.

The best deals are usually February when the hotel offers a one-for-one dollar/pound rate for the rooms. Because of this excellent rate (when we were there, it equated to about 50% off the usual rate), we could afford the Conservatory Suite. The average hotel room in London is on the small side, so having a suite for larger people like myself and my husband, made our stay much more pleasant.

A continental breakfast is included with additional items available for a reasonable fee.

The staff were very accommodating and even brought me something to eat (along with tea) at 2am (I was starving after a long flight from Seattle). They also had internet service in the hotel for no additional fee.


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