Caribbean Cruise – Day 3

Caribbean Cruise – Day 3

Karyn woke up around 7am and went out on the balcony to have a smoke. The bright light from outside hit me in the eyes as she opened the curtain to gain access to the balcony door. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but gave up when Karyn came back in. Oh well…breakfast would be here shortly anyway.

Our room-service breakfast consisted of powdered eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, baked tomato, assorted pastries and coffee. The portions were on the small size, which surprised me. While we were eating, I asked Karyn if she would be interested in doing the water aerobics at 9am. She was game, so we donned our bathing suits and headed to the pool deck. We had 15 minutes to kill, so we hopped into the hot tub for a bit. There were only five of us that showed up for the water aerobics. That was ok….less crowded. Aerobics lasted 30 minutes and it really helped digest breakfast and get fully awake. This is the first time ever that I did some sort of organized exercise while on vacation.

When we were done with our exercise, we grabbed some lounge chairs and got comfy. By 10am, we were drinking our first pina coladas and reading our books. The eastern sun was at our backs, but we had shade from the ship to protect us from the strong rays. I did get a little sun on my legs, though. It was very relaxing.

We thought we better get some lunch around 11am since I was planning on attending a show at noon. Unfortunately, nobody was serving lunch until 11:30, so I had to woof down my food before leaving Karyn and heading to the show.

The show was to get an overview of the different ports and a chance to purchase coupon books that included a lot of freebies. I wasn’t interested in buying diamonds and expensive jewelry…I just wanted to get my coupon book, hope to win one of the raffles, and get out of there. The mild rolling of the ship always makes me sleepy and I was almost dozing in my seat before the show ended.

After the show, I looked for Karyn in the casino, but didn’t find her. So, I decided to play $20 in the slot machines. At first, I dropped down to around $1.70, but then built it back up to $48. I cashed out when it dropped back down to $30. I had already lost $20 the day before, so I thought it best to stop and recoup some of my previous loss.

A quick trip to the Windjammer Cafe for some ice tea and back to my stateroom for a nap before dinner.

After about an hour nap, I woke up to see it was close to 5pm. I hollered for Karyn to wake up since I knew she wanted to take a shower before dinner. I went back to sleep until she was through, then got dressed.

For dinner, I had shrimp cocktail, escargot and duck. For dessert, I had a chocolate souffle. Our assistant waiter was really good…he remembered what we liked to drink after only one previous meal. When we were finished eating, we headed to the Crypt for family disco to grab a drink and wait for the 9pm production show.

The show was called Once Upon A Time and was a compilation of fairy tales put to music and dance. I really enjoyed it and one gal could really belt out the tunes!

By the end of the show, I was ready to go back to the room and read a bit before bed. Tomorrow we arrive at Labadee, Haiti. On our schedule is a ride on a catamaran to the sandbar island for some snorkeling and floating on our mat.

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