Caribbean Cruise – Day 1

Caribbean Cruise – Day 1

I didn’t bother going to bed last night since my pickup by the shuttle was scheduled for 3:30am. Which is a good thing since they called me at 2:35 to ask if they could pick me up early. So, I got to the airport at 4:45am for a 6am flight.

The flight to Atlanta was a little uncomfortable. Delta didn’t give much leg room, having the rows very close together. Plus, there was a toddler that just kept shrieking. His parents were young and they didn’t bother trying to stop him. I think he was a spoiled brat….at least two and still sucking on a pacifier, for god’s sake! I managed to get a few hours sleep off an on, though. In spite of the flight attendant stepping out of someone’s way and stepping on my foot, bringing me out of my slumber.

The flight from Atlanta to Melbourne was a little better. The plane was smaller, but there was more leg room. The woman sitting beside me was a talker. It was a surprise to learn she was turning 51, my age, but looked at least 10 years older than me!

The airport at Melbourne was small, so it was easy to find my aunt Karyn. It was so good to see her again after 26 years or so! Her hair was different than I remembered…dyed red, very similar to mine…cut short, and very cute. We caught the shuttle I had reserved and headed to the hotel in Cocoa Beach.

The Comfort Inn we stayed at was doing some minor construction in the lobby, but the rest was very nice. Our room was near the pool and they had done a very nice job of landscaping. After dumping our bags, I took a quick shower. It made me feel more human as we walked across the street to the IHOP for some dinner. I had a really delicious chicken and spinach crepe. I don’t care what my husband thinks, him being such a food snob…IHOP was perfectly adequate for my needs.

After dinner, we went in the hotel’s lounge for some pina coladas. That was enough to make me realize how tired I was and allowed me to fall right asleep when we went back to our room. It was probably around 10:30pm when I fell asleep. Aside from waking up to use the bathroom a couple of times, I slept until 7:30am.

Another trip to IHOP for breakfast, then waiting for the shuttle to take us to the cruise ship in Port Canaveral.

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