Bremerton Waterfront

Bremerton Waterfront

A gorgeous day near the end of March had me taking advantage of the weather and jumping on a ferry to Bremerton. The waterfront there has so many things to enjoy and it was a great place to get my walking in!

Several of us went…and we were disappointed that none of the fountains were turned on. You would think that on a weekend, when tourist frequent the waterfront, they would have them running!

I racked up a lot of mileage walking to the Kitsap 9-11 Memorial, which was past about a quarter of a mile past the Manette Bridge. This memorial used two twisted beams that came from the twin towers in New York City. It also had a corner stone from the Pentagon. A short wall contained tiles that had been decorated by kids, honoring the heroes of this momentous event. You can read more about the memorial here.

I really enjoyed the day and can’t wait until hiking season is in full swing!

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