Susan asked the hotel for a wake-up call for 6am. We didn’t need to have our bags outside until 7am and it only takes me about 15 minutes to get dressed & teeth brushed, so it annoyed me to have to sit for 45 minutes awaiting breakfast. This would be a theme throughout the trip.

Since I had to wait, I went to sit in the lobby and asked the hotel staff if I could have some coffee. He brought me a small pot and a cup…just for me. Breakfast was finally served at 7am. It was a typical Irish breakfast of (too-salty) sausage, (too-salty) bacon (which looks more like ham in appearance), black & white pudding (sausage mixed with grain; the black including pig’s blood), baked tomatoes, watery scrambled eggs, over-hard fried eggs, cereal, cheap white or wheat bread to toast, and canned fruit. Due to my dairy allergy, I couldn’t have cereal and I really dislike the eggs offered. So, I ate some toast with jam (no butter) and tried to eat the salty meats. I really didn’t like the breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed north to Belfast. Along the way, we stopped in Downpatrick, where St. Patrick is supposed to be buried. I bough a celtic-designed coaster for myself and a ring for a friend at the gift shop. I then went upstairs to the cafe and had some water and a scone, before walking around outside and taking some photos.

When we arrived in Belfast, we went straight to the Jurys Inn and checked in. After receiving my luggage to my room, I went to the restaurant in the hotel for lunch. I had some Thai chicken curry, which tasted more like a one-meat jambalaya. It tasted good, but not what I expected.

After lunch, we got a tour of Belfast. I loved the many political murals on the west end. The tour ended with a visit to the Titanic Museum. The fated ship was built in Belfast.

Back near our hotel, I had dinner with some of the Oklahoma bus-mates at the Red Panda. I had wonton soup, dumplings and share garlicy baby bok choy. My tummy was a bit queazy, so I wanted to keep my meal a bit light.

I was in bed and asleep by 9pm, but woke up at midnight to pee.

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