Another Cooking Class

Another Cooking Class

Today I went to another cooking school to learn some more Thai recipes. Since Thai is one of my favorite types of food, it’s only natural that I want to learn how to make them for myself. The school I went to was call Bai Pai Cooking School and I found them listed in Lonely Planet. See my review for more about the school and the class. While our class was working, a film crew was there taping us for a documentary to be aired on Thai television. Oh great….thousands of Thais will get to laugh at the fat American lady with the tattoos.

The rest of the day I have no plans. Since the Songkran Festival has been extended, I may go out in my area a bit to see if anyone is getting people wet. Or maybe I’ll just stay in since getting wet last night, then sitting in air conditioning seems to have given me a cold and my voice is half-way gone.  We’ll see after I take a nap.

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