A Day on Whidbey Island

A Day on Whidbey Island

Today was such a fantastic day! The weather was gorgeous (not too hot, not too cold) and perfect for a hike I led at Ebey’s Landing. On the way there, once on the island, we had a very up close and personal encounter with a bald eagle.

We were driving to Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island (2 cars, 7 people). All of a sudden, a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed something off the road (maybe a rabbit) and then came straight towards me! The look on its face was like surprise to see me so close and it seemed he couldn’t get good lift. And, he wasn’t about to drop his catch. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, OMG, don’t hit the eagle! Thankfully, it got some lift and I only hit what it was carrying…but then, I suddenly had blood and a freakin’ liver on my windshield! Eagle flew off with its catch and I now have a nasty car with blood all over the hood, roof and side of my car! We had to smell that blood/copper smell for our entire drive. My car also looks pretty disgusting and is in need of a thorough washing.

After our hike, we drove to Oak Harbor for lunch. Since two of the women had never been to Deception Pass, we decided that instead of go south and taking the ferry back, we’d drive north and take the road back to the highway.

We ended up stopping at the park and did the very short hike down to the beach below the bridge. Then, we drove over the bridge and stopped on the other side so everyone could get some photos. Our last stop before heading back home was to go to Rosario beach and hike up on the big rock area that extends out into the water. The views were breath-taking as always! I really loved introducing new people to some of my favorite spots at on of my favorite state parks.

My pedometer said we hiked a total of 6.4 miles. Not bad for a second hike this year.

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