Snuba & Sailing

Snuba & Sailing

I was really looking forward to today’s activities. We were going to sail on a catamaran, do some snorkeling, then try snuba. Snuba is similar to scuba, except your tank is floating on the surface and you have a 20′ hose. Since you can’t go below 20′, you don’t need to be PADI certified.

Before we left the apartment, I checked my camera equipment and found that my GoPro wasn’t holding a charge. That really honked me off. But, luckily, I did have an underwater Canon D10 camera, so all was not lost.

We drove to Marcus’ house since he and Tiffany were going with us (and driving).

The catamaran was very large and comfortable. While traveling to our first snorkeling spot, we spotted many spinner dolphins.

I didn’t take my mask and snorkel with me and soon regretted it. The mask didn’t fit my face properly, so it kept leaking water up to my eyeballs. Plus, the snorkel didn’t have a shut valve, so water would occasionally go down the tube (my snorkel has a valve to prevents any water from getting into the tube). Since my mask wouldn’t seal, it made me too nervous when we switched over to snuba. Due to my weight, the weight belt wasn’t really working. Between that and my loose mask, I had a panic attack when the dive instructor went to get more weights for my belt. I ended up taking photos from the surface, then handed the camera over to William to continue shooting pictures.

It was such a long, tiring day, I picked up chicken from KFC for dinner and headed back to the apartment. I was asleep by 8:30pm!

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